It’s a new day, it’s a new blog…


Ooooohhhh, look at me being all fancy with my wordpress blog! I can now totes tick that off the ‘must-do’ list that has only been languishing there for, well, 5 years at least… possibly more!! Slow and steady wins the race, team!!

Feeling like it might well be third time lucky too after my other attempts over here and here. I loved being on blogger (damn the person that scored my url before i could!), but as i want to get serious about this blogging lark, word on the street is that you need to be over this way to be in with the cool kids. And since I’m still trying to get in with them, here i am! 😉

So, on this here inaugural blog… what’s touched me so much that i need to share it with my massive list of followers (so that’s basically my mom and Debs!!)?

Oh. My. God. This. Firstly, the actual music video totally cuts me up to start with so if you throw in a real life story of a beautiful boy whose life was cut way too short way too early…Oh. My. God. The tears. Do not watch is you don’t want to sob. My heart goes out to every single person that contributed to this video. What a beautiful memorial. I do hope that Ed sees it… our Ed is very good at delivering so let’s see what he does tonight at his concert at Mt Smart.

It also makes me tremendously sad though that Andrew will never get to see it. It’s such a shame that the very person at the centre of such an outpouring of grief and love and well, just everything… will never watch it. Of course, he may well – i’m no expert on what happens on the other side… but still, it’s a little sad i reckon.

Oh, i know that we all hope that our loved ones know how very, very dear they are to us. That they’re loved. That they’ll be missed if they weren’t here. But we only seem to really grand stand it, shout it, scream it, and go to these very beautiful lengths when someone has died for reals. If only we could all be at our funerals before we actually need them, hear what others really think of us, be able to bask in the amazingness of being us and celebrate who we are with all those that 100% wouldn’t change a thing.

So, let’s start a movement. Let’s treat every single birthday like a funeral. Stand up there and tell everyone in your life – so that includes anyone whose funeral you’d go to in the unfortunate even that you had to – exactly what you think of them and how they’ve touched your life. Every. Single. Detail. Make that video. Send that emotional card with way too many superfluous, descriptive and OTT words. Or just say what’s in your heart straight to their face. Yes, it may be uncomfortable for some, make you itch, wonder if it’s actually necessary. But it will be. It will because when that very sad day comes along when you have to do it for real, you’ll know 100% that your loved one already knew what you were going to say.


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