Escape to Hollywood (kinda)

I love movies. I love them whether i watch them in the cinema (this includes the whole process of crazy sized drink, much too large popcorn, and since I’ve arrived in NZ, the good old choc-top that then gets dunked into said ridiculously sized popcorn….H-E-A-V-E-N!!!), or even just on the couch. It’s glorious either way and i just adore being part of someone else’s crazy life. It’s for much the same reasons that i love reading. (I’ve covered this off on more than one occasion as my droves of regular readers would know ;))

A few years ago, i started going to the cinema alone. Yup, as in with no one else. I know – the horror of it for some!! But honestly, you’re in a darkened place – so no one will even notice, and you’re not s’possed to be talking. It kinda makes the movies the ideal place to go to on your own.

And i just love it. When i need to take five, i head to the movies. Last weekend was one such occasion and YAY, ‘How to be single’ was showing. I wanted to see this after catching the trailer at ‘Sisters’ (average at best, sorry Tina & Amy) and it sooo didn’t disappoint. I adore anything New York and hello, Rebel Wilson AND Dakota Johnson! #sowinning. Do go and see it if you want something light hearted and funny, especially with a girlfriend or 12. Will be perfect on DVD too if you miss it on the big screen. 

And on the note of movies, DID YOU SEE THE BELOW TRAILER????? There were tears. And snot. The book by Jojo Moyes, which I’ve only just re-read again without even knowing they’d made it into a movie, is one of my all time favourites. I’m sure i’ve crapped on about this before too, but as a writer i totally respect other writers that don’t go with the traditional ‘happy’ ending (‘One Day’, I see you). It’s a big call. I’m not sure I could do it. I usually  make an effort to NOT read books that are too ‘real life’ (since it kinda hands it’s own downers out quite freely) or have shitty endings, but this book. THIS BOOK. Lordy, I loved it. Please read it. ASAP. And let me know what you thought. And then see the movie. And let me know what you thought. (Of course  I’ll let you know what I think!!)

(As an aside, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’ makes me sob without even being part of this movie).

After reading ‘Me before you’, I followed up with the sequel, ‘After you’. I was a bit reluctant to read it as it was kinda panned by a lot of readers but I really actually enjoyed it…even the bits that people were bitching about. (And it just reminded me again that only I can judge  if i enjoy something or not.. and the only way to know, is to see/read/try it myself.) (‘Luminaries’, this time I’m looking at you. Soz. Didn’t even get to the 2nd chapter. And I’ve read ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’. Twice.) But I digress… still on my Jojo buzz, I’ve just finished ‘The girl you left behind’. Again, really good, and I had real flashes of jealousy ’cause she’s pretty good at this writing stuff, old Jojo Moyes is 😉 I can’t wait to read some more of her books.

On the non-fiction front, i have to mention here that i read Sarah-Kate Lynch’s ‘Screw you Dolores!’ over the Xmas hols. What a hoot. Seriously, laugh out loud stuff. The meaning of the title is priceless and i’ve repeated the story to so many people already. But dear God, do not borrow the book from someone (library ok), or worse, tell her that you did, even if you’re gushing about the content at the time, ’cause she will cut you. But she knows how to make an amusing yarn.

And then i also got through Gala Darling’s  ‘Radical Self Love’. Although it took me 2 attempts to get into it, she’s got a lovely writing style and does offer some great advice. With self-esteem being such a major issue with a lot of us, i really love what Gala is trying to do – especially with a slightly younger audience. Loving ourselves (and the self-esteem that comes with it) seems to be a mega issue regardless of age, and to have someone out there saying to you, ‘Yes, go ahead, love yourself – you’re worth it’ (and they’re not selling make-up) can only be a good thing, right? Even this jaded 39 year old took pause on some of her suggestions.

Anyhoo… those are my rumblings for this week on what’s been amusing me. Oh, and Suits. But that needs a whole blog of it’s own!!!





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