Love story(ies) & lessons


Dear Emily,

I see you & your beautiful posts. It all looks wonderful & gorgeous and just so not my life – which is what makes it all the more alluring.

And then today, after heading down a bit of a emilyhenderson rabbit hole, I took an unexpected & delightful walk down your memory lane. It started here and landed up here… but i wasn’t reading it for the reasons you would’ve expected. See, i’m obsessed with other people’s (love) lives and admittedly, it’s often because i think that they might be so much better than my own!! (working on this as per my 40th manifesto).

Of course, when you offered me the chance to read about your (no doubt perfect) ‘ups and downs here‘, i was naturally ALL OVER THAT!!!! And then, within the 1st paragraph of reading He’s truly my soulmate, best friend, and generally my most favorite person in the world’, I really hunkered down for a good read on how my own marriage wouldn’t match up to the glamour, ease and all-around awesomeness of yours (hmmm – really need to take that manifesto thing a little more seriously!).

But alas, it was everything but…. it absolutely had the ups AND downs, some genuinely heartbreaking moments, some wonderful ‘eureka’ moments, but mostly it was authentic, honest & real… and i loved how it reminded me (again) that we’re all just people at the end of the day having our own experiences & feeling the same things (both good & bad), just in different packages – and that no one actually knows anyone else’s story simply by their cover (that lesson is ringing bells from somewhere!!!!) – unless they open their story up to let you read their pages.

So thanks, lady, thanks for sharing YOUR love story – and reminding me ONCE AGAIN that life’s simply not perfect for anyone – regardless of how it may seem from the outside… or how beautiful their Instagram page is. (I’ll let you have that win – you really are one styley lady!!)

Here’s to another 10 wonderful years to you both. xx

PS i’ve taken my pledge & do hope to do my bit towards more babies.

Β  Β  Β 

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