Dream a little dream.

Mark and I have been together a looooong time. As in from the previous decade, before the last one, long! We’ve had a lot of dreams. To travel (ongoing). To have a beautiful family (tick). Buy a house (tick). Build a house (on the list). Live a sustainable life on a beautiful homestead (starting to happen right now!!!!).

The itch to have space, space and more space has become harder and harder to ignore as we’ve got older, and particularly after the weirdness of last year. I’m no small-town girl… I’ve tried it twice before and hated it. But all those times were in suburbia. Which is exactly the same suburbia in big cities (which I’m not a fan of either) – but without the benefits. I’m not sure I’m a natural country girl either (although I do love a pair of wellies). But I want to be. I really want to be. There’s something about the thought of that lifestyle that makes my feet itch and my soul crave. Maybe I am those things I thought I never was and I just haven’t had the opportunity to set them free. And even if I’m not, it’s the space I’ll love. And lucky for me, Mark is that guy – a small town, homesteader kinda guy. So, we’re going to do it and it will be bloody awesome.

We took the first step to make it happen by putting our first home, in a small rural town, on the market. And it feels great. I’m just so delighted that we’ve taken that first step to make the next one happen. And the universe is good like that, it will support us as it’s coming from a place of love, growth and a desire to be better. That positive energy will make magic happen.

Of course, this will come with a lot of change. That doesn’t really scare me all that much. I do love (some) change. I have to regularly remind myself that ‘wherever I go, there I am’ because I’m always dreaming up this or that type of change! If I can’t be exquisitely happy where I am, it’s likely that I won’t be anywhere else either. But if it’s coming from a place of love – then all will be well. It’s still scary though to take a chance. I believe there are no wrong decisions, and we could always make a another decision if this one doesn’t work out. But really, all I’m feeling is such excitement about what could be….

Although we’ve talked about this for years, we’ve recently had some amazing inspiration from a number of sources, one of which was ‘Biggest Little Farm’ on Neon. I actually watched it first on my own, and then forced the family to watch it again the next evening. It’s all the things that we’ve started appreciating and thinking about ourselves.

We’re not going down that path. It was a huge project. But It was still soooo inspiring to see what they did. And so, a number of You Tube clips have followed, all on biodiverse and permaculture farming. Mark is waaaayyyy into it. I know. Riveting watching. But it really is. Being able to grow your own food is pretty frecken awesome!

But first steps first. Sell house. Buy new house. Live the dream. Easy peasy, right? Totally. πŸ™‚

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