And now we wait.

Urgh. I’m not patient. Once I make a call on something, I want to ACT, ACT, ACT. Ok, I probably need to clarify that bold statement: With some things; there’s not much acting at all – exercise, weight loss, house work, folding washing, editing my novel (the writing was EASY!)… these are all things I seem to have an inability to regularly act on.

I think about them. Oh, yes…I think about them all.the.time! But act – no. Not often.

I’m talking about SELL A HOUSE, BUY A HOUSE, BUILD A HOUSE. Yes, yes, yes – on that stuff – I LOVE TO ACT!

But there’s a lot of things that have to align before you can move onto the acting part.

One key thing for us is budget – it’s so dreary to not have a job yet (particularly as I’m not bad at what I do and I’m sooo desperate to get my teeth into something meaty!), meaning we can’t officially apply to see what we can borrow (I’m literally DESPERATE to use ASB’s new ‘New Build‘ deal!!!!). Well, we do know what we can borrow on just Mark’s wages alone – but it’s not enough to build a whole dream!! So, we wait for that awesome job opportunity to make an effin appearance. Because it will. Everything always works out. It’s just sooooo boring and tedious waiting for it to work out. But it will.

And so we wait.

And the second key thing, is finding the right land. It seems kind of insane that we put an offer in on the FIRST piece of land we saw (I’m sure there’s an unwritten rule about this somewhere)… but it wasn’t so much about the land (it didn’t give me goosebumps…even though I tried and tried to feel ‘it’), it was actually more about what Rengaru stood for that we loved.

The community. The sustainability. The building of something unique and beautiful. That’s what we loved.

But I’m getting distracted again ’cause Rengaru was obviously not part of our future… if it was meant to be, everything would have aligned to make it happen. I would have got the job, the geotech report would have been slightly more amendable, and the budget would have worked out. But it didn’t – so, we’re back to waiting. We wait, and we remind ourselves of what’s on our wish-list, and open ourselves up to the magic of the universe…

  • Beautiful views – sweeping, green, breathtaking, soul enriching views!
  • Northerly aspect – we got some growing to do
  • Good internet – essential!
  • Ideally 2 hectares
  • In budget!
  • Amazing community, fab neighbours
  • Good schools
  • 20-25mins from Warkworth
  • Nice to have: passive income opportunities
  • Nice to have: stream or water source
  • Nice to have: established trees
  • Nice to have: services to boundary

We’re very clear on what we want. So, now we wait. And wait. And wait. Hopefully not too long, but just long enough for the universe to get clear on what we’re after, and then deliver what they think we actually need!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I know that eventually the stars will align and everything will be exactly as it should be to ACT. The stars always align eventually. Always. But it’s just sooooo daaaayum booooooring and tedious waiting for them to do their thing.

But wait we must… and so we wait.

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