Seek, and you shall find.

I love looking at property. If I was a better sales person, I might even have gone into real estate. With our new focus over the last few months, I’ve looked at quite a few blocks of land so far, and we’ve now visited a few too. Everything starts to merge into one eventually, so wanted to remember the ones we’d physically seen, what worked and what didn’t…so here we go – welcome to my rolling list of green grass possibilities…

Rengaru Solar Village

If you’ve been reading about our journey for a while, you’ll know that I’ve rabbited on and on about this one and it was pretty heart-breaking to let it go 😦

Pros for both: Part of a village with same values, community feel, good fencing, gated, school up the road – with bus stop at gate, owners that had created an amazing organic, permaculture type environment

Cons: No transportable option due to limited access, long metal road to property, looong windey ride to Warkworth (and daycare/play centre), average wi-fi (well, I got nothing on iphone, Mark was fine on Samsung!)

Lot 8 / Kahu – 1.54ha

Pros: On top of a slope with a northerly aspect for part of it, good size, lovely rural views, lovely top soil, good road to drive.

Cons: Signs of erosion, sloping land – with no sun on parts, tricky site to build with average soil, no services – and large costs associated to how things need to be done due to covenants, very few established trees, no water source (although did have troughs for animals), lots of houses visible

Lot 4 /Kotare – 1.3ha

Pros: Lovely block of mature trees, reasonable cost

Cons: Mostly in a dip, very little northerly aspect, massive wetland across middle, steep driveway, signs of erosion, no services – and large costs associated to how things need to be done due to covenants and wetland, neighbours very close.

Lot 15, 262 West Coast Road, Ahuroa – 1.03ha

We didn’t stop to look at this one, but drove past it twice. We’d considered stopping, but it had an offer on it, and one back-up so it was more for getting a feel for what was on offer .

Pros: Beautiful trees, power to boundary

Cons: On a main road, very exposed to road so little privacy, wetland area (again!), a very weird shape, a lot of trees just other side of boundary.

276 Wech Access Road, Makarau – 1.27ha

Another one we drove past twice as it already had a contract in place by the time we inquired about it. It really was as pretty as a picture though!!

Pros: Power to boundary, just soooo pretty

Cons: Main road so less privacy, not many trees on actual land – all along boundary, went for low $500’s so more than we want to spend on land only

Lot 1 (1.29ha) & Lot 2 (1.28ha) Martin Access Road, Makarau

Gosh. These were rough as. They had just been felled of their pine trees, and I’d seriously worry about losing Luc (or possibly even Leo!) down one off the dips… it was completely topsy-turvy. Soooo fascinating to see what all is on offer! Lovely helpful agent though.

Pros for both: Lovely views (although there was new pines just planted, so not sure how that would effect the views later!), sooooo quiet, the whistling through the trees was sublime, fencing, power to boundary, off access road, did I mention how quiet!!

Cons for both: Roly poly and hilly as!! Looked very different to what I saw in pics, and was surprised by the up/down contour. A lot of unusable ground, maybe for goats! Southerly aspect, a lot of wind, and a massive pine block immediately behind us that will be coming down soon I’d say. Lot 1 was in a valley too, so maybe less wind – but less views too. Very interesting spaces!!

Up until this point, we’ve only looked at stuff in Makarau/Ahuroa – Mark really liked the idea of having 2 options to get to work – via west or North depending on traffic. And Ahuroa School looks too sweet.

Kaipara Flats is also an option though, so we decided to have a look at what was on offer that way. Interestingly enough, all the properties we wanted to look at were under Peter Morton @ Ray White – very convenient tbh.

It was A LOT of metal road to get there, but I think it was because we came from Makarau. Kaipara has a totally different feel than Makarau/Ahuroa – I think it’s got more open space (Kaipara Flats! Duh!) and we really really liked the feel, the small town hamlet and the sports club. I’m not however sure how often things come up for in this area, so we’ll just have to wait and see….

Lot 3, Corner of Kaipara Hills Road & Dill Road, Kaipara Flats – 1.17ha

Another very tricky space to imagine as the trees had only recently been cut and the title is only due 2022 as there is still some work around native bush to be sorted, plus fencing and driveways. Wet day – a lot of mud!

Pros: Lovely views all the way to Kaipara Harbour, just up the road from SH1, a much easier road to drive into Warkworth (daycare only 20 mins away!), great price, wi-fi seemed good

Cons: Southerly aspect, close to neighbours (you can see them in 2nd pic), off the grid, no geotech reports available, uber topsy-turvy

109 Dill Road, Kaipara Flats – 1.01ha

The pictures did not do this piece of land any justice. Even on a very grey day, it was really lovely to look at. Unfortunately, it did have a conditional offer on it… but the fact that it was southerly aspect was a big negative that I don’t think that Mark could overcome!

Pros: In Kaipara Flats!, really sweet piece of land, possibility of power from neighbour

Cons: Small – just 1ha, southerly aspect, likely off-grid, not much from our wish-list ticked

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