About Bonita

This is generally my favourite page and the first one I head to whenever I hit a new blog or such that has an ‘about’. And as I now type this – I feel a whole bunch of pressure to make mine awesome.

Right. Well, I was born in South Africa, met my Kiwi husband, Mark, in London in 1999, and have been living on the north island of New Zealand for almost as long as I lived in South Africa. I think it would be fair to say that I’ve done most of my adulting in New Zealand, and to my horror, during RWC 2011, I realised I cared more about the All Blacks winning than the Springboks. This broke my heart a little… and actually still does.

My parents are still in South Africa, my big sis is in the UK, and my baby brother lives in Aussie. This breaks my heart too… mainly because my mom and dad are basically childless & grandkidless (there’s actually 4 – all boys!)… and that just plain sux. For everyone.

I’ve got a delicious wee boy called Leo that I love with a passion that astounds me.

I’m Aquarius, left-handed and glasses wearing. I don’t exercise enough and eat too much. I love to escape from reality with books, movies & TV… and spend far too much time divulging in that love. I’m not as deep as I’d like to be, but I’m also not shallow – so I see that as win. I wish I did more yoga and meditation and less sugar consumption. I love my BFF like a sister. And I cannot for the love of me drop the one sugar I’ve had in my Twinings tea (#AlwaysTwinings) for as long as I can remember.

It’s an absolute delight to meet you. 🙂

If you’re here because of my writing – then head this way.

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