My writing

The dream is to write full time. To be able to pay the mortgage, go on the odd holiday, eat at nice restaurants & buy those damned shoes/artwork/cushion/magazine/book/#fillintheblank when I want to thanks to my FULL TIME WRITING! Just like a real job. Even the taxes.

It wasn’t always the dream – although writing English essays was my favourite thing (why of why did Mr Conradie, my lame career advisor, not pick up on this!!!) & I’ve lived to read for as far back as I can remember – I had no idea what journalism was, or that there were actual jobs for people that adore the written word. Instead I studied Travel & Tourism (I’ve ranted about this before… them ads still irritate the sh*t out of me!) and went on my merry way.

Until I started my 1st novel. Out of the blue. And finished it in 6 months. That was in 2008 and I’m still working towards the dream. God loves a dreamer, he really, really does. So I keep at it. I keep trying. And I keep dreaming that maybe I’ll be able to pay the mortgage, go on the odd holiday, eat at nice restaurants & buy those damned shoes/artwork/cushion/magazine/book/#fillinblank when I want to thanks to my FULL TIME WRITING! When one day I can say – Occupation: Writer.

So far, I’ve finished one novel & part way through my 2nd (plus, I have a red book full of ideas for at least another five solid efforts). I’ve also finished two children’s books, part way through another, plus have two more on the back burner. Oh, and let’s not forget all the blogs on this page plus here and here…love, love, love blogging.

Below you’ll find  a sample of my writing. As in the published stuff. Some I even got paid for. 🙂

My first ever published story – I was ridiculously proud:


The ‘Top Five’ recommendations at LUXURY magazine was my domain – and I loved it! Here’s one on Cliff-top pools, and I’ve got several others just like it if you’d like to see them too.


I used to regularly blog for the awesome team at World Travellers (plus write a whole bunch of copy for their e-newsletters and website) – here’s a small taste of that:

I was lucky enough to do some editing for life-coach & all time amazing person Louise Thompson before she made it REALLY big – this is what she had to say:

‘Bonita is a total professional, a brilliant editor and an absolute gem! My first self-published e-book had the benefit of Bonita’s eagle eye, I’m so grateful for her grammatical expertise and insightful suggestions.  My e-book is so much better for her input. It still sounds like me, but better! Even though I’d quadruple-checked  it ( frankly I was sick of the sight of it by the end!) Bonita brought fresh eyes found all the little errors that I’d missed – and some I didn’t even know were wrong.

I feel sooooo much more confident releasing this e-book of joy it to the world, knowing that she’s rounded up all those niggly typos and mistakes that can really irritate a reader.  Her attention to detail really improved the calibre of my book.

A livewire personality, bouncing with enthusiasm, Bonita really “got” me and my project. She was a joy to work with. Highly recommended!’

Here’s what Nigel Sutton, my ‘Freelance Journalism’ tutor at Stotts Cengage Education, said on my last assignment:

‘Bonita, you have a fabulous style & a great sense of pace. You engage your reader while being informative & entertaining. You just write such interesting, informative & well researched articles & stories. Best wishes for your future – you’re a really talented writer (and I don’t say this lightly – you’re genuinely really good!!).’

And last but not least, I’ve done a bit of this and a lot of that (mostly corporate stuff) for Louis Van Wyk of Pravda Communications. (They’ve actually just relocated to National Park Village – so do stay here for your Tongariro Crossings, peeps!!)

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