Looking sometimes means buying.

So, we may have got a little bit over excited about our plans!

Turns out, when it comes to bare land, you can get a bit buy-more-itis – just like anything at the mall! We were initially looking a lot further afield (as in Kerikeri further afield) but for a number of reasons – we’ve decided to stay closer to home and find something around Warkworth. (I know! A little bit fancy, right!).

So, of course, Trade Me beckoned – and I stumbled upon this piece of land that I really liked the look of… I mean, look at the block of trees!!!!

Lot 4 – Kotare

Here’s what it had to say:

Title issued, ready to build on now! Rare opportunity to create your dream home here or park up your tiny home to contemplate your future plans. From the moment you arrive through the electronic entry gates, you will see that the Rengaru subdivision has been designed with quality in mind. This groundbreaking, exclusive development will incorporate the very best of 21st century design and technology, seamlessly alongside sustainable and environmentally conscious living.

Rengaru is nestled serenely below the Kaipara Hills surrounded by an abundance of native trees, birds and wildlife. Peaceful and tranquil, yet just a short drive to Warkworth, SH1 and SH16, East Coast beaches and the Matakana Coast Wine Country.

Kotare is one of just 6 sections available within approximately 100 hectares of organically run farm. A stunning 1.3ha, two paddock section; the north facing house site is beautifully nestled into the landscape with a backdrop of a Kahikatea grove and panoramic rural views. The driveway to your section, fencing and gravity fed stock trough are already in place. Geotechnical report is available and sensible covenants are in place to protect your asset for the future. Don’t delayβ€”call for more details and to start your journey to lifestyle living! Additional information available at http://www.rengarusolarvillage.co.nz tiny home, transportable homes, solar, eco living, sustainable living, off grid, passive solar, environmental living, alternative living, organic


No, we won’t delay! Where the hell do we sign up?? Let us at it….

*Heads to website and feverishly reads about this little bit of paradise*

Shit. It’s off-grid. As in COMPLETELY off-grid. But it’s so lovely. Maybe we can make it work. Maybe we’ll just go and have a look. Maybe we’ll just start our journey by looking at this one property, which will be a good gauge when we look at others. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Appointment requested. We’re off to see this piece of land. Just to look. We won’t buy now. Of course not. We can’t. Our house isn’t sold, and I’ve yet to find enough work (rather important to secure the loan). Even though Rengaru whispers to our souls about living lightly on the land, and co-creating a haven with a community for a better future for all!

We’ll just look.

So, it went something like this….

We got there and released our krakens! They bolted straight down to the streams edge, and started throwing stones into it. I met – and immediately adored – Jo Montague from Harcourts. I totally over-shared (yes, yes, those that know me stop your snickering!) and said that we’ve got the smallest of small budgets, that we’re not normal Aucklander’s with a million dollars available, that we’re desperate to be part of such an incredible opportunity, that Mark literally reads soil books, and that we absolutely love what Bev and Dave had done! Yes, we absolutely kept our cards completely close to our chests. (When I say ‘we’, I actually mean ‘me’! πŸ˜‚)

“I’m sure we can make it work,” she said calmly.

“Now, I know you wanted to see Lot 4 (1.31ha, more than we paid for our first house!), but I think we’ll just have a look at Lot 8 first (1.55ha – and a mere $30,000 more). I feel like your family would have a lot more room to do the things you want to on that one. We’ve also had someone look at Lot 4 twice now and they’re close to putting in an offer.”

Lot 8 – Kahu

Um. Ok. Cause we’re just looking and totally not buying.

What was that? Did anyone else hear that loud bang???

Ahhh, only Mark falling utterly and completely in love. Hard.

Oh, shit (and yes, there was a lot of that!!). We’re not just looking. We’re talking offers. We’re talking about actually buying this baby! But we haven’t sold our house yet. I’m still looking for some more work. We can’t do this. How are we going to make it work? How can we do it??

Mark looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m sure we can make it work,” he said calmly.

So, yes, we’ve put an offer in, with some conditions, and after much to-ing and fro-ing, we’ve struck a deal. And now we’re working really, really hard to see if we can make it happen… because, like everyone keeps telling me…

“I’m sure we can make it work.”

Stick around my friends, let’s see if we actually can.

Highlights of the day:

Leo herding a sheep back in its pen… he was so damned pleased! He looked at me and said, ‘Mum, I didn’t think that I could do that!’

Luc running around like such a headless chook that he fully exhausted himself, and had to be carried back to the car – which meant that I got covered in the sheep shit that was all over his boots!

Putting an offer in on a piece of land that we love.